DMCP – Data Management Control PlatformPasses key stage

Our DMCP – (Data Control Management Platform) has passed a key stage with the completed development of the API which will connect our UK Launchpad site with an inventory and with external data sources we will be using on the project.

The DMCP – Data Management Control Platform is a joint technological development between Soledis and Vertical Plus with Vertical establishing the infrastructure to allow users to log in and use the DMCP – Data Management Control Platform using WordPress while Soledis will be working with Vertical Plus on our consultation model and the actual implementation of the DMCP – Data Management Control Platform within that consultancy model.

David Gadd, who is a special projects officer for the project has said:

“We are excited to get past this key stage in the project which now means we can start to upload or connect to inventories and therefore start the key process of inventory checking and the processing of marketing information for SMEs involved in E-Channel”