The E-Channel project

E-Channel is a project run by two leading E Commerce companies, one based in Plymouth Devon and the other in Vannes, Brittany. Both of these companies have joined together to share their expertise on entering new markets to create “E-Channel”. 

E-Channel is a consultancy project whose aim is to work with a small and carefully selected number of companies who want to grow into new markets using E Commerce. This could be new markets in the UK, new markets outside of the UK or specifically new markets in France. As our partners are based in France we do expect more impact for companies who are looking to expand their markets into France and then onto the rest of the EU.  

E-commerce supported growth is something which many companies have tried but with a varying degree of success even within their own markets.  Accessing new markets for companies is something which can provide good rewards but can present a number of distinct challenges . E-Channel aims to create and provide a framework for new market entry for companies using a unique action-based consultancy model and a unique data management control platform designed to help SMES conduct new market entry successfully. 

Who are we?

Two companies run the E-Channel Project: Vertical Plus (V+), an English company based in Plymouth and Soledis, a French company based in Vannes, have teamed up to become partners.

Together, we share complementary expertise and knowledge of our respective business areas as well as inside knowledge about our host countries which is vital to suppliers and manufacturers wishing to export but who might otherwise be put off by ‘going it alone’.

There are launchpads run by each company to support SMEs in their respective countries. Follow the red “launchpad” link at the top of this page to access the UK Launchpad. To Access the Launchpad in France go to the French Launchpad website.

Our Philosophy and Targets

We are committed to increasing small business competitiveness by sharing our knowledge of new market entry with participant businesses in the target regions.

The project is a consultancy and mentorship project – this means we can share expertise and provide close consultation with businesses looking to grow into new markets. We can help you make informed choices about how to market your business and where to market it and as it is a long term support project lasting up to a year we can also help you make the right decisions.

If you are looking to export to France we can offer very specific expertise in that areas due to our close rerlationship with Soledis in France.

Our targets are to develop a publicly available Data Management Control Platform focusing on inventory effectiveness, cost management and business growth as well as to support up to 24 businesses in the Uk and in France in using the DMCP – Data Management Control Platform as a mechanism to guide them through growth into new markets.