Welcome to the UK Launch Pad!

The E-Channel project has been set up to include a unique consultancy launchpad aimed at supporting the 12 SMEs we are supporting through the project. Following the COVID 19 pandemic our project has been subject to extreme limitations in being able to provide a physical meeting space for project benefices. As a result of this all our activities now take place using video conferencing and other techniques to support growth and provide advice.

If you are a SME currently being supported by us the first point of call is to contact us at the following address:

If you are interested in becomeing supported by the project please email us initially on


and we will arrange for a free evaluation of your current position and you scope for new market entry.

Data management Control Platform

Our DMCP – Data Management Control Platform provides give project participants access to a number of unique tools designed to assist them with entry into new markets. These include tools, spreadsheets and training designed to help with:

Inventory Control

Inventory Remarketing

Profit and Cost Control

Business Growth

The DMCP – Data Management Control Platform is available only to registered users of the project and can be accessed by clicking on this link. This page will eventually be a subdomain of the site: dmcp.e-channel.org.