E-channel project reaches half way point as six SMEs are ‘on board’

We’re delighted to announce that our first six SME’s have been selected and are now working closely with us to identify key e-commerce market opportunities available to them.

We will be working with the six companies until Christmas and they include three unique food and drink companies who are selling their own produce, a decorating company with a unique brand of paint, a traditional furnishing company looking to expand more online and a print company.

The E Channel team have already identified a number of challenges these companies are facing and using their own data have started to point the way towards new markets and opportunities.

The response to the project so far has been encouraging given we have not undertaken wide spread publicity and instead have chosen to target businesses from a long list we have had in place since 2019. Our process has involved targeting these SMEs and seeing if they are up for growth work.

It must be said that COVID 19 has added additional demand for E Commerce consultancy services as businesses are either seeing a natural online uplift (meaning they are now looking to move to the next stage) or they are seeing competitors enjoying an uplift and they want to place themselves in a similar position in the future. The pandemic is forcing companies to change the way they work and customers buying habits changing. 

We are now going into the next stage of our onboarding process where we will start the initial work of working with our next round of six SMEs.

We have a number of SMEs we are still targeting but if you’re a business who feels could benefit substantially from our E Commerce consultancy project then please contact us on info@e-channel.org. We will arrange a free evaluation and if we feel your company is a good fit for the project you will be put forward for the funding pretty quickly.