Profit and Costs

At EChannel, we use our skills and experience to offer a range of services that will raise your company’s online profile, improve your audience engagement, and convert your website visitors into happy customers. Read more on our inventory stability blog. But there’s no point running an e-commerce website if it’s not cost effective and turning over a profit. We’ll make e-commerce worth your while.

As part of running an e-commerce website, it’s important to know where you make your profits, and if any, where you make your losses. It’s e-commerce 101 but it needs to be said. Maximise your profits, minimise your losses. If you’re looking to expand your e-commerce reach into new markets, you’ll need to understand where you’re winning and where you’re losing – which is where we can help you with our Data Management Control Panel (DMCP).

What you may or may not know is that we provide a unique consultancy service called the E-Channel – a project run in partnership with French E-commerce experts Soledis. Collaborating with Soledis has empowered us to bridge the channel between the UK and France, using our shared expertise to provide access to exciting new markets within France and the EU for ambitious companies – but also for those looking to grow within the UK too. As part of our E-channel project, we’ll give you access to our DMCP.

Cut your losses. Make more profit. It’s that simple.

Venturing into new markets can be scary – trust us, we know. But it doesn’t have to be. With expert e-commerce consultants (that’s us!) we can support you, allowing you access to our inside knowledge about suppliers and manufacturers, markets and our respective business areas. The DMCP has cost management functions, as well as the ability to track business growth and inventory effectiveness – so you are minimising your losses and focusing your efforts on where you make profits. So, wherever you are looking to take your business next, E-channel is the launchpad that will allow you to hit the ground running in new markets.

The E-channel Project is supported by the EU – specifically for companies wanting to grow in Brittany and Normandy in France, and Devon and Cornwall in England, but we actually support many more counties in both countries. The intent is to create sustainable trade models for SMEs.

If you’re interested in this unique offer and would like to discuss your company’s potential involvement in the E-channel project please contact us at or visit the E-channel dedicated website at and use the Launch Pad button – the skies the limit.